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This is just one of those days,
where it is raining outside,
and I'm trapped inside.

Ciel, Metro, and Charile will always be there for me.
The three of them are similar to each other,
but they are all unique.

Charile and I tend to have problems.
Some days he'll be my best friend,
while other days he ignores my calls.
We've been through a lot togeather.
He has seen me at my best,
grinning and laughing.
Then of course there are those days,
where he saw those bitter tears from my eyes.
Charlie is a good friend nonetheless.
I rely on him often.

Time between the two of us has been short,
but I rely on her as if Ciel was my life support.
From being a light in my dark,
a saviour in times of need,
Ciel doesn't get enough credit as I give her.
I cause her stress.. To the point that her body is engulfed in heat.
It is my fault.
My fault she gets burned out,
and I am to blame.
Do I feel pity for burning her out everyday?
A little..
So to Ciel,
I'm sorry for the poor treatment,
you deserve better~

Reliable. Loyal. Protective.
He and I have been the best of friends for a few years.
Metro has helped me with projects for school back in the day.
When I get bored, he is there to entertain me.
If I am depressed, he gives me music to listen to.
He aids in the advancement of my art skills!
Metro has been the perfect match.
(He even let me on Tumblr~)
Though, lately.. Something has been off about Metro.
He won't allow me on certian sites,
somedays he will just shut my music off,
or will just turn off the internet connection all togeather.
Why are you doing this to me..?
I've been taking care of you,
and now.. You act like I did something wrong.
You and your Safe Eyes..
You changed Metro.
You are not the computer I once loved.

See what happens to technology?
My phone Ciel dies out everyday, but is that from my poor treatment?
Charlie is my iTouch, first generation.. He.. Hes getting left behind in the new world of knowledge.
And Metro.. My beloved computer.. Someone put Safe Eyes and all these walls up on my computer, they changed him.

*sigh* .. I bet you thought they were actual people huh..?
  • Listening to: Deadmau5-Raise Your Weapon
  • Reading: Letters written to me by a friend
  • Watching: The raindrops smash onto the street
  • Playing: Nothing~
  • Eating: A peice of wheat toast
  • Drinking: WATER. yaaay...~
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Submitted on
November 30, 2012


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